Easy Alternatives!

Replace your cravings but still be satisfied...here's how!

We all get those cravings from time to time. Whether it's chocolate or chips...but here are a few easy supplements that meet your cravings & are healthier for you! 

For the chips and dip craving....

Ever crave sour cream & union chips? This is an awesome twist to the sometimes overly-fatty treat. Go for making your own with French union dip & thin tortilla chips. This is comparably tasty and has some better ingredients than processed potato chips. 

The warm chocolate-lovers delight:

For those moments where cookies and chocolate cross your mind....
Try mixing it up and find a surprisingly tasty cookie. Aside from the healthier dark chocolate, feel free to add that or any kind of chocolate in mind (chocolate is also proven to help protect skin from harsh sun damage). Mix some oatmeal, peanuts or peanut butter (protein!), and a dash of cinnamon together. This will enhance the overall taste because of the peanut oils and cinnamon. The oatmeal texture is optional, but it creates a healthier treat with more wholesome ingredients!

*replace your mayo for avocados, it adds the same creamy texture with healthy benefits! Source: Fitsugar.com

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