APPS also known as: life savers

There are plenty of apps out there that are designed to help us, guide us, and practically complete our lives. So here's just a few that are substantial in the world of fashion, real estate, and maybe a few others, just because...

Tag board- anyone obsessed with #hashtags#?! Well Tag Board allows you to begin searches using hashtags to pull popular posts that include your search words. A neat way to find what you're looking for-especially fashion trends!

Ibotta:This app originates from Denver Colorado and basically pays you cash for buying your favorite products at your favorite stores. Win win?!

Shop kick- generates merchandize from a simple search to give you products or clothing from top retailers. All you have to do is search and it finds what's on your mind, while also giving you exclusive deals and gift cards.  

Realtor app- is growing as a convenient application that gives you listings on real estate. An easy and simple way to manage your searches, and keep up-to-date on real estate in your selected area while on-the-go.