New Year, New You

~Here are a few tips & tricks to get yourself feeling rejuvenated for 2015~

First off, the body cleanse: Does it really work? 

Some say it is just expensive and a waste, while others find it to be very beneficial. It is up to you to follow the right program that works for your body, without depriving yourself. 
Good references: IBTHealth

Second, the clean up and clean out: How to live a healthier life...

Time to say goodbye to all those old products sitting in your bathroom cabinet or vanity. Look at cosmetics in a new way by sorting out the highly toxic ones and start integrating better products with less harsh side effects. The best way to test out your products is by referring to: EWG Skin Deep

Thirdly and lastly, give a little bit: Time to give back!

The best way to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new is by donating. Recycling your items to the Salvation Army, Goodwill, or local second-hand stores is key. They take your merchandise and even give you some money in return. Giving in this way will benefit you, the economy, and those in need. Some articles on this topic: AARP, Money Crashers, & Clothes Mentor