Amazing Opportunity

What An Amazing Opportunity!

For anyone who has ever contemplated competing in a beauty pageant, here's what you should know.
 It will change your life. 
Sounds pretty powerful, but it is guaranteed. You will not leave your pageant weekend the same.

Entering a pageant is the most courageous, inspirational, and motivating decision for any female. 
You are able to showcase yourself, who you are, your talents, and feel amazing. 
You'll build your confidence, stage presence, interview skills, and make friendships worth a lifetime.
I found myself competing as a teen and winning at age seventeen. It TRULY changed my life.  

I look back at the memories I created, and the opportunities I had...
Recently competing for a larger state, Massachusetts, was such an incredible opportunity. 
Being back on stage was completely invigorating. Placing in the semi-finals was also confirmation of all my hard work.

For those who are not convinced, I would say you have to reflect on the person you are, who you want to be, 
and where you see yourself. 
Why not take the chance to inspire young ladies and hard working women? You have one life to live, 
so live it to the fullest, and make the most positive impact while you can.

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