Five years, fifteen days, and he asked. 

It was truly a moment of surprise and excitement at the exact same time. We both grew up on the beach, we were from neighboring towns in coastal Southern Maine, yet we never crossed paths. What is even more bizarre is that our families knew each other, but we never met. It took 1,451.8 miles (and fate) to meet through mutual friends on spring break in Florida.

May 27, 2017.  

The love of my life suggested a beach walk, which wasn't out of the norm when we visit Maine. As we walked on the beach it started to get chilly so naturally I asked for his jacket, and being such a gentleman I expected him to hand it right over. His response was, "Just be patient, we are almost there." I started to wonder what "there" meant. He continued by saying, "This is where Old Orchard Beach and Saco meet, thank you for being so patient." As we arrived at the point where both beaches connect I started to speculate this wasn't our usual beach walk. He then added, "it has been five years, thank you for being so patient." Then he reached into his jacket pocket and the box suddenly appeared. He proceeded to kneel on one knee then asked those four notable words.

After screaming for an untold amount of time I unequivocally answered, YES!

For those who know us, there was no other place for this to happen. This was not only meant to be, but forever a blessing.

With love & thanks,

Patience is a virtue.