More than half a lifetime later...

What a treat it was reconnecting with sportswriter, John Nash. He first interviewed me 
back in 2005 (when I was 13 years old). He documented my unique experience running 
at the USTAF Junior Olympics National Cross Country Championships- with 
only one sneakerHe won the Maine Press Association’s Columnist of the Year that 
year and later started a sports blog of his own. Pretty cool to be able to connect and 
reflect back on that wintery day 14 years ago. 

Finishing that cross country race I had trained so hard for was a huge accomplishment. 
After catching up with John, he soon learned about some other great accomplishments in my life as well. 
It was pleasure to be interviewed again by him, and to see this piece come together with 
an emphasis on strength and never giving up as the core of my story!

Enjoy the read♥︎