❊Behold Dermaplaning❊

❊Behold Dermaplaning 

There are more and more cosmetic tools coming into the market. 
Some, like microneedling, aim to generate new collagen and skin tissue for 
smoother, firmer, more toned skin (check out this blog for an awesome derma roller)
While others, like dermaplaning, are used to take off the top layers of your skin, 
remove fine wrinkles, hair, deep acne scarring, and ultimately make the skin's 
surface look smoother.

There's one industry-approved tool used for dermaplaning called 
DERMAFLASH which I recently fell in love with. This tool not only shows 
real results in the first treatment, but it doesn't hurt or cut skin at all. This tool 
can be offered during routine facial treatments or it can be bought at places 
like Ulta Beauty. 

Check out the links below to purchase this tool for a discounted 

price and behold radient new skin! 

QVC // Ulta