☉Teas for certain ailments☉

☉Teas for certain ailments☉

If ever feeling under the weather or having pain and inflammation, certain teas 
can come to the rescue.  Here are a couple yummy teas that aid in healing our bodies, 
minds and also keep us warm in the colder winter months.

Golden Milk
a mixture of turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, and milk 
(coconut or almond as lactose-free options)

anti-inflammatory properties 
great antioxidant
antimicrobial and anticancer benefits 

Nettle Leaf Tea
earthy mild taste can easily be bought 
online or in grocery stores

arthritis and pain reliever 
manages blood sugar levels
packed with polyphenols 

add a little something sweet😀

Raw Organic Honey
 ~supports digestive & immune support + 
fights seasonal allergies~