Now More Than Ever: Salt Caves

The benefits of a salt cave are not only crucial at this time, but also immediately felt. After experiencing a salt cave session, the positive, light, and relaxing vibes are undeniable. You leave feeling rejuvenated and energized after just one session. This "halotherapy" can be used to treat respiratory conditions, including, asthmachronic bronchitisallergies, anxiety, depression and skin conditions like psoriasiseczema, and acne.

There is no better time than now to treat ailments or prevent seasonal colds. But how so? By entering a well constructed salt cave there will be microscopic salt particles circulating in the air. Himalayan salt generates negative ions which eliminate the positive ions that stem from electromagnetic waves from technology and pollution that we are constantly exposed to and damage our immune systems. This treatment is also safe for children and takes about 45 minutes leaving you feeling revived.

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